The Lithuanian basketball team: LaVar Ball “tried to destroy the club” with “dying TV show”


LaVar Ball has never shied away from calling other people.

Now the professional basketball team that employs his sons LaMelo and LiAngelo has called him.

Almost exactly four months after Ball has withdrawn his sons from BC Vytautas (Prienai) and declared that the family will no longer be going overseas in summary time, the team Ball, his company and his family in a press release issued by Vytautas coach Virjginijus is targeted. Seskus. As Jeff Goodman and Yahoo Sports reported, the team went so far as to say Big Baller Brand, LaVar’s notorious and characteristic shop, “was trying to destroy the club by focusing on just living their dying TV show breathe “.

Ball in the Family

Of course, the Balls have been playing in Facebook Watch’s “Ball in the Family” since 2017 and are transferring LaMelo and LiAngelo’s attempts to play professionally in Lithuania. And it’s obvious that BC Vytautas had little interest in the reality TV affair, even though the team admitted that Winners and Losers by Country “made it think that [the balls] are responsible for the club and its members.” They even suggested the Ball brothers, the limited playing time in the midst of injuries and injuries, and occasionally viral games, did not have what it took to be part of their organization anyway. Check out BC Prienai: ‘Big Baller Brand tried to destroy the club blog here.


“His boys were nowhere near the level of the LKL [Lithuanian Basketball Federation], let alone in the NBA, which obviously understands [the] League as they see the outcome of the latest draft result.” said Vytautas, in the release that was seen on the premiere basketball website article oddsmakers do not expect liangelo ball to be picked. And the most disappointing fact was that they had no inner drive to get better, and when they saw that it was not going anywhere, they started to destroy the club and did not pay any prize money to the winners of the Big Baller Brand tournament, and so on. “

“The club has survived, and that’s the most important fact.”

The coach of the team has since added that LaMelo is “lazy,” as Yahoo Sports noted, and Vytautas closed his press release with confirmation that the balls are completely completed in their relationship with the team, complete with a final Zinger: